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Books Soon To Be Movies – Episode 48

January 22nd, 2010

Out of the Showloon Lab: Tomas is taking a look at Orson Scott Card’s book ENDER’S GAME since it is in the works to be turned into a feature length movie and simply because it is a terrific read. Watch Tomas plaster a book pitch, Showloon style!

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6 Responses to “Books Soon To Be Movies – Episode 48”

  1. JJ says:

    yo! its been a while. glad to have you back.

    sort of an irrelevant (but not completely) comment – Ive been watching a few Rohmer films lately (R.I.P.), and have been thinking that those films make you feel like youre reading a book. long, long, thoughtful dialogues, and terrifyingly dry, emotionless camerawork in combination make them strangely very very easy to relate to…

    ok. ill try to be a bit more relevant. Not that its very likely, but I think any novel of Houellebecq, Haruki, or Yoshimoto’s (Banana) could be turned into a rather nice cinematic piece of work targetting people in their 20s, 30s (me!). Sophia Copolla? Schnabel? Wong Car-Wei? or maybe Werner Herzog!

    Auster – he also wrote many screenplays – but his novels would make really interesting movies I think.
    Not necessarily Auggie Wren’s christmas story style (Smoke), but i would rather like to see a thriller..
    I would love to see himself directing one, or maybe a Spike Jonze style thriller could be fun to watch.


  2. The another day I saw the animation play about Batman Asylum is so… fucking amazing, When I saw things like that is so inevitable think about a cinema without actors, you see the animation carachter and looks so real, so scary… But still the sensation about humanity a draw I cant to make to himself. Is the anture, the human necesity like that you do that you need it feel something that the conecting like a reallity so real, is like touch hair real or plastic hair, you need watch a hair so real that when you look the scream almost can smell it. For this reason a cinema with actor still in the time I guess. Is so impredectible everything.

    The another day watching a videos about Brittany Murphy I saw one thriller about ones of her last filmes, a great, fantastic trhailer (the first), but latter searching more I find a second thriller about the same movie and is so… horrible. Is a comercial cut I guess but, in the first can you feel the art, the real art, and when speak about art in the style of cinema is more than that, can you see the image, the fantastic music, the voice in off about the principal character and to Brittany in the coach or the bed in this short shoot so… inmortal.
    I must see the movie, I have the dude with the two thariller if is a good movie or a bad movie, I supuse that is good for the first trhailler. A episode about trhailler will be great Tomas.

    Thariller 1

    Thailler 2

    And a relation about this somebody tell me “oh is the movie where the cahracter about Brittany dies…” Oh, Jesuchrist… I think in this moment. “oh, die when the real life”… Jesus… For Brittany dead I prefer relation that with “Interrumped” (1999), but is so realative, the famous cuestion about that who born firts? the egg or the chiken? The actress depressie or the character depresseve? The real life or the script? The people that choise to the actor can see alhrought him or her, is enoght will be good or have talent, if you have that thing that the character have is more deep to go and enter in the people that see the movie. El espectador.

    Go to vacations Grays, miss me :)

  3. ‘Across the Hall’ is the name of the movie.

  4. gray says:

    @juli: hey,where have been?well good for you then…miss u too girl… Add on your list DEADLINE (brittany murphy on the lead) its a thriller movie….

    im wishing more interesting episodes to come…i just watch HITMAN last nite and the stunts its quite amazing… o gosh I like TIMOTHY OLYPHANT… suggesting PERFECT GETAWAY is quite good…

  5. gray says:

    you know what, i supposedly posting my thoughts about golden globe but typed in with different mail so it was never posted…so i was thinking now i cant go back with those times that am really excited taliking about the hosting of RICKY GERVAIS and who was sentimental about giving the speech and all that..anyway,i’ve been sitting for almost 4 hours just watching the golden globe but MONIQUE for me gave the best speech, i was a lillte bit teary eyed…

  6. gray says:

    i just recently watched the ATONEMENT, i find it a sad movie… its like,lies changed one’s life forever..

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